Online shopping has

been redesigned

A virtual shopping centre

showcasing more than 30,000+

Australian online stores

Somewhere along the way

online shopping got complicated

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and build a virtual online shopping centre.
We have achieved this by eliminating the painful process of search by making every store look
and work like an app whilst seamlessly integrating tools that a shopper uses daily.

We actually made the

Mega Mall easy to use

We built a Mega Mall that you will enjoy using.
We have made all aspects of the Mega Mall intuitive
making it easy to find any online store.



looks and works

like an app

Every store

Online shoppers

shopping paradise

welcome to your

30,000+ stores in the Aussie Mega Mall

22,000+ stores in the USA Mega Mall

Hundreds of aisles showcasing

thousands of online stores