it started with a great idea

Uber did it to the ride share industry.

Air BNB did it to the accomodation industry.

mega mall is doing it to shopping.

. . .

Welcome to BestAround Pty Ltd. We are an Australian-owned company who are creators of the world’s largest 24/7 online shopping centres.

The Aussie Mega Mall is our current concept designed from the ground up to provide the 7,000,000 Australian online shoppers a superior shopping experience.

After 3,000 one-on-one phone calls and hundreds of discussion groups, we have produced a platform that online businesses want and most importantly, need.

Listed below are our unique characteristics for any mega mall we build for a particular country:

  • Only stores from that country can be showcased;
  • No typing required;
  • A unique browsing experience apart from search;
  • Every store looks like and works like an app;
  • 100% FREE for any store to be showcased; and
  • Every store is listed on page one of their chosen aisle.
  • The largest database of payment options, if you want to shop using American Express then click the Amex logo and the entire shopping mall displays stores that only accept Amex. All payments methods are displayed plus we are introducing cryptocurrencies.
  • Every store has a digital business card that can be shared with family or friends of any shopper for free.
  • The swap stock room lets any store swap old stock for new stock from other stores for FREE.
  • Under BETA testing is the coupon code display, any store can apply a coupon code for the shopper to use at the checkout.

The FREE opportunity for any store to be on page one has provided a marketing boost for thousands of online businesses.

When soft-launched in Australia, membership of the Aussie Mega Mall grew from 3,000 to 30,000+ stores over a 4-month period:

The same is true for the USA Mega Mall, which is currently in BETA phase.

We have recently launched the UK Mega Mall and the NZ Mega Mall.

The company currently employs 12 staff. Our corporate office is located on the Gold Coast in an open-minded and fluid environment, which enables all staff to participate in the design and implementation process.

BestAround’s Mega Malls are rich with features not found anywhere else. They enable an online shopper to have an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience.